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Sunday, November 27, 2005


My best friend leading me to the goat pen
The Best Friend leading me to the goat pen.

Goats and kids, oh my!
Goats and kids, oh my!

My best friend bottle feeding one of the kids
The Best Friend bottle feeding one little fellow.

A bunch of kids
Kids will be kids.

I took the pictures on Saturday, November 26. It was feeding time when I arrived. It was also play time for all the kids who got into everything.


Karen said...

They're adorable.

Seitherin said...

These pictures don't do the little monsters justice. They were so cute butting each other and gamboling around and playing 'king of the hill'. A video camera would have been better but all I had was a still camera.

Roseunicorn said...

Remind me next time and I will show you video of them - hehehe

So you didn't label it "the old goat and her kids"

Seitherin said...

I can always change it.

Did you get the link to album?

Roseunicorn said...

yep - that's how I know you labeled it the "old goat and her kids"

Seitherin said...