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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Everything is grey

Just got home from work about an hour ago. Verra, verra tired. Learning new stuff before other employees leave is keeping me busy - hence the working today.

The weather has been miserable for a week. No sunshine in all that time and this almost drizzle most of the time. And cold. Not fun.

And all the kittens have ringworm. Systemic, of course - that means it's in their blood. I have to force this funny looking brownish liquid down their throats twice a day. A couple of the kittens are very good about taking the dropper. A couple start out good but get annoyed. The rest are annoyed right off the bat and try to put up a fight. Despite being much, much bigger than they are, I'm the one with wounds to show. I have tiny little kitten scratches all over my hand.

We've also given the kittens the run of the house, and run through it they certainly do. They also tumble, roll, and hop through it. Izzy is locked up with one or two of the other cats all day and all night so the kittens will stop nursing. Right now poor Izzy is mostly miserable. The kittens don't seem to notice she's gone but they do notice right away when we give her the run of the house for an hour or so at night. Although all of them will still nurse if I let them, only one of them insists on nursing. She even tries to do it while walking along beside Izzy.

Woolly Bear may turn into Rambo. Every so often, that's the name that pops out when I talk about him or to him. I had a Rambo many, many years ago and Woolly Bear does not remind me of him at all so I don't know why Woolly wants to pick that for his name. Miss Bette will remain Miss Bette and I think Stripes is firmly Stripes. None of the others have names.

Oh, well. Gotta put food in my tummy. It's grumbling at me. Gotta feed all the furry monsters, too.

Later, 'gators!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh, and I forgot to mention

The Prodigal was at the vet with the kittens as well. When the vet asked if we were going to keep any of the kittens, the Prodigal told him we were keeping three of them. That was news to me. It seems the Prodigal wants to keep Woolly Bear, Stripes, and Miss Bette.

And before I forget, according to the vet, Woolly Bear is the only male among a kindle of females.

First trip to the vet

The kittens had their first trip to the vet today. One of the nameless crew has developed a fungus and I wanted it treated so the whole bunch was taken in. They all have a sinus infection with attendant goopy eyes for which we have antibiotic and cream. All of them have good lungs and heartbeats. None of them have ear mites. All of them are a little underweight, but we just started them on solid food this week so the vet wasn't terribly concerned. They were given a dose of worming medicine each which none of them liked at all.

And now we're back home and they have been fed. They and Izzy are all snuggled down for a nice nap after polishing off three cans of cat food betwixt them.