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Sunday, July 30, 2006

How so noise?

Am I the only one who has noisy dreams?

For the last week or so, when I wake in the mornings, I have been confounded by what seems like a profound silence. I have no idea what I've been dreaming, but I'm left with the feeling of a deluge of sound. It's quite disconcerting to go from constant noise to the relative quiet of a bird chirping in the distance and the ceiling fan singing its whirring ceiling fan song.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And now there is thunder

Every once in a while there's a tiny bit of thunder off in the distance. Sort of a gentle rumble instead of the crack of doom we usually get. It's far enough away there isn't any lightning.

And all the counties in the area are either in a Flood Warning or Watch until the very wee hours of the morning. I guess that means the rain isn't going to let up any time soon. I'll know more when the weather comes on in 20 minutes or so.

The Prodigal is braving the rain to go in search of food. Neither of us wants any of the stuff we have in the house so he's gone off for chili dogs and buritos. Don't ask me why I'm having dinner this late. It didn't even occur to me I might be hungry until he mentioned wanting chili dogs. I've been happily watching Serenity for the fourth time this week and reading. Totally got lost in my own little world.

And it continues to rain


And more rain and then some more. It was pouring when I got up this morning. There weren't any flood warnings on the news . . . yet . . . but I decided to stay home a bit to see whether the rain would let up. It didn't.

I'm at home watching it rain.

Not guilty by reason of insanity

That was the verdict of the Andrea Yates retrial. I just watched the verdict delivered on TV. This is the verdict she should have had the first time 'round.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another rainy day

It rained all day long at work. I felt particularly unproductive. It was easy to do only the things that really, really needed doing since my office mate was out again.

I haven't seen a weather report since this morning, but according to it it's supposed to rain tomorrow as well. Looks like there might be another unproductive day in the works for me.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have a day off

Because of an incident at work, all non-essential personnel were sent home. No one was hurt and things are expected to be under control by as early as noon today, but they definitely expect things to be 'normal' by tomorrow morning.

I don't think I'm going back in even if the all clear is given at noon. I don't think a two hour drive is worth it for only four hours of work. Besides, I can do my grocery shopping this afternoon instead of tonight. That's a plus.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Have a nice trip.

See you next fall.

I took a nose dive at work Thursday morning that left me bruised and sore. I was asked to look at a network connection and on my way to do so, I tripped over some copper tubing that runs across a walkway about 2 or 3 inches above the floor. It was not marked in any way nor were there any warnings about a tripping hazard. Being right handed, when I fell I twisted so my right side absorbed all the damage. I have several very nasty bruises on my right shoulder, arm, and hand. I was actually fine enough Thursday to finish out the day at work.

On Friday, I woke up very stiff and sore. I also discovered I had more bruises than I'd originally thought and a sprained thumb. For all practical purposes, I couldn't use my right arm or hand. One of the sore spots was on my rear so sitting wasn't terribly comfortable either. I opted not to make the hour long drive in to work and sent an email to all folks concerned which I diligently typed up with one finger.

Just before noon I got a call from work. They wanted me to go to the industrial medicine clinic to be looked over. I tried to explain I didn't really feel up to driving but the HR person insisted. So I drove myself to the clinic.

A little over an hour to drive there. Three hours at the clinic having every bruised part of my body X-rayed while I had to get into positions that hurt like hell. And then another hour drive home. By the time I got home, I was in worse condition than I'd been in before I left. Now, not only did I have painful bruises and sore muscles from the fall, I had a backache from sitting funny so that what already hurt wouldn't hurt more. My shoulders were so tight it hurt to move my left arm. And I had the beginnings of what promised to be a really nasty headache.

So when I got home and the Prodigal Son offered me a glass of cheap white wine from a gallon jug that one of his friends had bought, I took it. And then I had a second glass while we discussed the merits of ordering for pizza to be delivered. And I had a third glass while I was ordering pizza and waiting for it to arrive. And then there was the fourth glass I had with the pizza and the fifth glass I had just because. The headache went away and I really didn't care terribly much anymore that I hurt.

And then I took a little nap because the wine made me sleepy. When I woke, the Prodigal, his friend, and the wine were gone.

And thus ends my Friday adventure.

I'm not nearly as stiff or sore today. The bruises on my hand, arm and shoulder are sill very bothersome but the muscles that were complaining yesterday aren't complaining nearly as much today. I can actually sit again. And I can mostly hold things in my right hand again as long as it's not very heavy.

And being in such a general state of recovery, I took myself to the movies. I really wanted to see the new Pirates movie, but all the matinees were sold out so I saw The Lake House - which I really, really liked - and The Devil Wears Prada - which was OK.

I enjoyed my Saturday afternoon.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Wine and pizza

I had several of the former and several of the latter and I'm not feeling any pain despite being in pain. I shall explain later when the effects of the wine have worn off and I am once again in pain.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Rainbow and Mouse

My cats on the window sill enjoying the rain

And yet another day of rain

I strongly suspect the yard won't be mowed until next weekend.

The rain soaked view out my front door

The pond my front walk turns into when it rains
This is the path to my front door. Lovely pond, isn't it?

BBC NEWS | Health | 'Bionic' limb breakthrough made

To work out how to attach live tissue directly to metal, the scientists from the Centre for Biomedical Engineering, UCL, led by Professor Gordon Blunn and Dr Catherine Pendegrass, looked at how deers' antlers can grow through the animals' skin without infection.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rain, rain, rain

For two days. Perfect weather for reading and knitting. And playing stoopid games on the computer until 5:24 a.m.