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Monday, October 31, 2005

I was just cold

Now I'm wet and cold.

I just turned the A/C off because I was chilly and I was just about to pop off to the grocery store to pick up lunch for the week and then to fill up my gas tank when a crack of thunder stopped me in my tracks. I had been so intent on trying to figure out some knitting instructions and on knitting that I hadn't even heard the rain falling. And believe me, with the amount of rain that's falling it is very plain to hear.

Needless to say, I'm not going out shopping just yet even though I've already run out into the very cold rain to make sure I rolled the windows up this afternoon when I came home and left the car parked on the driveway. I'm glad to say the windows are up but I'm soaked and really cold now.

I can hear the rain easing off a bit even though there is still thunder and lightning. I think I'll just get gas on the way to work in the morning and I'll figure out something for lunch tomorrow. Right now, I'm getting out of my wet clothes and into my warm, fresh from the dryer jammies.

Happy Birthday to me

It's the big five oh. I don't feel five oh. I don't feel any different than I've felt for the last 20 years or so. Oh, well.

I'm taking a personal holiday from work so I have the day off. I had planned on sleeping in, but my brother called at 6:57 a.m. to wish me happy birthday while on his way to work figuring I'd be on my way to work as well. We had a lovely chat for almost 40 minutes while he filled me in on his life as a country boy. There's Mike the rooster who is going to be dinner next week because he's dumb as a post. And there's the turkey that's going to be Thanksgiving dinner in '06. And the cats who hunt field mice. And the rabbits. And his vegetable garden. He's certainly taken to the country life.

As soon as I get dressed - yes, I'm lounging around in my jammies - I'm off to get the new license tag for my car and then I'm off to WalMart and Hobby Lobby to find some size 8 double pointed knitting needles and some yarn to make slippers. I think I may treat myself to lemon peppered chicken for lunch at my favorite steakhouse. And then it will be home to do laundry and stitch on the butterfly fairy. Oh, and I need to make a quick trip to the grocery store to buy more soup and fruit to have for lunch at work this week.

I'm off! Later, 'gators.

Vast Amount of Spare Time: ...brains....BRAINS....

If you thought her fingers for Hallowe'en were great, take a look at what else she's cooked up.

This is someone who enjoys Hallowe'en just a little too much.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Well, I didn't stitch

And I didn't go to the movies either. I did something I enjoyed much more as all the entries below this one - which are in reverse order - show. This was a much better 'me' day than the one I planned on having when I left for brunch this morning.

I hope you enjoy my day as much as I did.


I have to wonder

Does God weep when the living trees He raised are destroyed to make room for a dead brick edifice that Man raises in their place in the name of the God who made the trees?

The lot where another church is being built

A very lush copse of trees, very similar to the one in the following picture, was razed to make room for another church. The only god I could believe in would bleed for the trees and turn his back on the brick.

A thick copse of trees

The Gulf of Mexico on a good day

Looding out of the Gulf - tan sand, blue green sea, blue sky

The sands of time

Beach sand with shells and rocks

Footprints in the beach sand

Beach bound

A view of the road to the beach shot through my windshield as I was driving

A view of the ocean  shot through my windshield as I was driving

Where I used to work

. . . but don't anymore.

The building of the company I used to work for

The Brazos River

An upriver view of the muddy brown Brazos An across the river view of the muddy brown Brazos An downriver view of the muddy brown Brazos

Another upriver view of the muddy brown Brazos Another upriver view of the muddy brown Brazos

Looing into the Brazos from the very edge of the shore

Riddle me this

Why am I standing beside the road in the middle of nowhere with a flag stuck in my head? Don't know? Neither do I.

A statue of Stephen F. Austin in a fiel beside the road

This is a statue of Stephen F. Austin, still not quite completed yet, standing in a field beside the road in the middle of nowhere on the way to Angleton. I have no idea why it is there. I suspect if I read the local newspaper I would know but I don't so I'm just as clueless as poor Stephen F. looks.

A statue of Stephen F. Austin

A statue of Stephen F. Austin

It's a snap to drive

An accidental picture of me taking a picture while driving
Yep, that's me taking the picture while I'm driving down the road.

Looking forward and back

A view out the driver's side window with the road behind reflected in the rear view mirror

Just the barest hint

. . . of autumn's burnt gold green foliage.

A view of trees just beginning the color change for autumn

Drivin' down the highway

A view of the road in front of me taken while I was driving down it

. . . going just a hair under the speed limit.

An accidental shot of my speedometer

Shy Pond

Foliage by the side of the pond Some of the fowl citizens of the pond

A view of the fountain in the pond A fowl feather laying in the grass

The path I walked on

The gravel path I wask walking on while I took pictures downtown

Nature's idea of aging gracefully

The wonderful striations of tree bark

The wonderful striations of tree bark

The sky is blue

. . . but the clouds have been dragging their bottoms and they've gotten a little dirty.

A view of the blue sky with dusty bottomed clouds

Dying from the inside out

The open base of the tree where the inside has begun rotting

Can you tell I like trees?

Just a picture of some old moss covered trees

For those of you who wonder what I look like

Me taking a picture of me taking a picture of me.

A picture of my shadow as I am taking a picture of my shadow

~ evil grin ~

The new intermediate school

The front face of the new intermediate school

The front doors of the new intermediate school

Looking into the heart of a tree

A small oblong gouge in the bole of a tree

Almost spooky enough

. . . to be a Hallowe'en decoration.

Looking up into an old tree dripping in moss

You may call them weeds

. . . but I call them wild flowers.

Some little pale purple wild flowers amidst the autumn grass and fallen leaves

Blue sky, white clouds, old trees

A view of the blue sky with white clouds through an old tree

They still look like zombies

It was such a wonderful day I decided I didn't want to be indoors so I took a cue from someone who has been putting a lot of miles on her Kiwi and went walking and driving around the this place I call home and taking snaps of whatever took my fancy. I started with the mural painted on the side of the old Lake Theatre. The three men next to Elvis with his pink Cadillac still look like zombies to me. I still can't figure out who they're supposed to be.

The mural onthe side of the old Lake Theatre

Starting at the very far left - an old juke box, the Blues Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, Hank Williams (Senior), Patsy Cline (I think), Minnie Pearl, the zombies, Elvis Presley.

Did I mention . . .

Fall is starting to come to town. Last weekend two cold fronts came through and dropped the nighttime temperatures into the 30s and the daytime ones into the 70s. The overnight temperatures have gone up into the 50s, but the days are still in the 70s. It has been glorious.

The trees are starting to turn that burnt gold green they do when autumn first begins. There's just the hint of that color, but autumn is definitely starting.

A tree showing the beginning of the burnt golden green color of autumn

A trees showing the beginning of the burnt golden green color of autumn

A 'me' day

The Prodigal Son is off to his first day of fiber optic class and he'll be gone until this evening so that leaves me here at home all by my lonesome. Yay! I'm planning on having a wonderful day of peace and quiet which will involve going out to brunch and stitching and maybe a movie.

And speaking of brunch, I'm off to IHOP to consume . . . well, I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for yet. But I am in the mood to consume. The tummy keeps poking at me trying to get my attention. Bossy tummy.

Later, 'gators!


Ah, life in the not-so-fast lane . . .

the blue blog archives: halloween things

And if you should just happen to need short, blue hair for some reason, this should do the trick - if you can knit.


Vast Amount of Spare Time: Mmmm....phalanges....

If you'd like to do something 'different' for Hallowe'en but you're at a loss what to do, here's a suggestion.

Enjoy! . . . or not.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Am I?

Jean-Luc PicardWhich Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

An accomplished diplomat who can virtually do no wrong, you sometimes know it is best to rely on the council of others while holding the reins.

There are some words which I have known since I was a schoolboy. "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably." These words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie -- as a wisdom, and warning. The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Peregrine swoops to photo prize

I prefer the picture of the elephants.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Warrant for DeLay arrest issued

"A Texas court has issued a warrant for the arrest of leading US Republican politician Tom DeLay on money laundering and conspiracy charges."

BBC NEWS | Health | Drug halves breast cancer returns

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 'Zombie worms' found off Sweden

"They look like flowers poking out of the whale bone. The analogy goes a bit further because they have a root system that goes into the bone," Dr Glover, a researcher at London's Natural History Museum, told the BBC News website.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Venus mission ready for blast off

Venus Express? Makes it sound like a shuttle flight from a major airport to a little local one and not like a space exploration mission.


Johnny just knows everything, doesn't he?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I give up

It's been weeks and the Little Shit is still here. She showed up a couple of weeks before the Hurricane Rita evacuation and she's still here. She was only supposed to be here for a week while the air conditioning unit of the person she belongs to was on the fritz and awaiting repair. Somehow, during all these weeks, the Prodigal Son has decided he can't bear to give her back because she wouldn't be loved and cared for where she belongs as good as she has it here. So the Prodigal has talked me into letting her stay here permanently temporarily.

The brainless bimbo who actually owns the cat called her Precious and taught her to be antisocial. She growls at all the other cats and most people. She's also given to attacking anything and anyone who displeases her. The only cat she seems to be truly on friendly terms with is Heru, and he's never met a warm body he didn't like. All the world is his best friend.

She hasn't bonded with me - although she adores the Prodigal - and I haven't bonded with her - although I don't adore the Prodigal as much as she does ~ evil grin ~. I've never gone this long without an animal telling me its name, but I haven't a clue what hers is. Aside from Little Shit, which I've called her since day one, the closest I've come is Izzy, but that still isn't quite right. I'm wondering if maybe she is supposed to be Isis to Heru's Horus. (I'm the only one who calls him Heru. The Prodigal and all his friends call him Horus.)

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, I present Little Shit . . . um, Izzy.

Heru and Izzy preparing to wrestle Heru and Izzy wrestling Izzy surveying the world Izzy surveying the world from my coffee table

As you can see from the photos, the really nifty thing about taking snaps of Izzy is that parts of her show up really well all of the time and parts of her show up not at all. In the last two snaps, you can't really tell where her black ear begins and ends in that black spot it is part of.

And just because I can, the rest of the Ferocious Feline Federation.

HeruThe Prodigal Son set his phone to meow so Heru is trying to find that annoying noisy cat. Those are Rainbow's glow in the dark eyes in the background.

Mouse and Heru Issy, Goblin, and Mouse's feet Rainbow sitting pretty