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Friday, October 15, 2004

Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised

Every once in a while, the prodigal son reminds me he can be a good kid as well as the pain in the ass he usually is. I've been telling him all week long that I'd like to clean house this weekend so what did he do today? He cleaned house. And mowed the yard. And washed a bunch of laundry. And he did all of this without a word from me. As a matter of fact, he started cleaning while I was playing on the computer this morning. I didn't start helping until about lunch time when I finally realized he was home and I only realized he was home because he got the vacuum cleaner out of my room where I was computing.

The living room is almost completely done. There are still three boxes left to unpack and two boxes filled with books I've promised a friend that I haven't delivered to her yet. And the floor where the rest of the boxes were stashed still needs to be vacuumed, but everything else has been cleaned and sorted and stashed or trashed.

The guest room still has boxes in it as well, but they've been neatly moved out of the way and the bookcases put against the wall so I can store the rest of my books there. The carpet has been vacuumed and all the guest sheets have been washed and the bed made.

The only rooms that didn't get touched today were the kitchen, the hallway, and my room. There's a stack of dirty laundry in the middle of the hallway and the floor needs washing, but the runner has been vacuumed. The kitchen is a complete mess and I'll probably tackle it tomorrow by myself because the prodigal son is under some sort of moral imperative to leave the kitchen a mess when it is one or to make it a mess when it isn't. And I won't even mention what kind of a mess my room is.

We done good today.

And it was a lovely day. There was a nice little breeze. I tuned the air conditioner off and opened the windows and let the house air out. The cats loved it. They took turns sitting in the open windows looking outside and napping. During the heat of the day it was a raging 76F in the house.

And now I'm tired. I actually fell asleep while trying to watch Enterprise but I woke up when I realized I was dreaming about being asleep. I will probably go to bed early. Or I may stay up late and read. Who knows? At any rate, I'm going to fix myself a nice tall glass of very cold water and curl up with my book on the couch.


Roseunicorn said...

so when are you going to come clean my house

Roseunicorn said...

oh yeah did you find my stuff?

Seitherin said...

What stuff?