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Monday, April 25, 2005

Quiet weekend

I had a very quiet, boring, unproductive weekend. I spent all day Saturday in my 'jamas watching TV and DVDs while the Prodigal Son went to BuzzFest XV at the Woodlands Pavilion. I actually had a post about that but my computer decided to reboot itself while I was in the process of working on it. When the Behemoth came back up, I discovered Blogger couldn't, in fact, recover my post even though there is a lovely link which boldly states, "Recover post" on the create a post page. Clicking on said link did absolutely nothing. Being the lazy sort, I haven't tried to recreate the post. It really wasn't very important.

I spent Sunday, dressed this time, doing logic problems, watching TV, and playing silly games on the Behemoth. I've discovered Arcade Town. I'm rather hooked on Project 156 at the moment.

I didn't read. I didn't work on the scarf. I didn't work on the fantasy sampler. I didn't balance my checkbook - which is a project that I've needed to do for three months. I didn't do laundry. I didn't clean house. I didn't answer the phone - except when the Prodigal called on Saturday night to tell me, in a hoarse voice, that BuzzFest was the best time he'd ever had and he was in the parking lot on his way home.

Personally, I give doing nothing two thumbs up. I can't recommend it enough.


Karen said...

I agree. Those kinds of weekends are the best for "working off" stress or exhaustion. I love those kinds of weekends too :-)

Roseunicorn said...

Depends on my mood at the time and whether I have tests papers to create or grade coming up.

Personally I like exploring better but you know that.

Seitherin said...

Usually I'm not that complete a vegetable on the weekends, but I just couldn't work up the interest to do much of anything. I've been busy at work on a project. A lot of brain drain so I'm tired when I get home at the end of the day (as opposed to bored which is what I usually am.)

And besides, I walked my big butt off the weekend before.