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Monday, June 20, 2005

Motorcycle accident

I almost forgot . . .

On the way home from work Friday, there was a motorcyclist riding along in traffic next us in the right lane. He was not wearing any protective clothing, having on sandals and shorts and no helmet. He crossed rather sharply in front of us because his lane was moving rather more slowly than ours. I had the distinct impression from the way he swung into our lane and the way he kept looking around him that he was in a hurry. The traffic in our lane started to slow and he cut, rather more sharply, back into the lane next to us. I was glancing out of the window and I could see him out of the corner of one eye while I saw a white car coming up rather quickly in the merge lane next to the lane next to us. I knew, instantly, that the guy was going to swing into the merge lane and he would either hit or be hit by the white car.

Sure enough. I'm not sure who hit whom, but by the time we were even with the gap he'd swung into, he was rolling on the pavement and the bike had pieces coming off it while it went sliding down the lane and the white car was slamming on its breaks trying to stop.

I have no idea how badly hurt the cyclist was. Our lane was still moving and the Prodigal Son kept going with the flow. Looking out the back, we could see traffic stopping and moving very slowly around the accident.

What's ironic about this is, two traffic lights down the road there was an auto accident the police were still in the process of clearing. The police were trying to merge the right lane into the left lane which is what was causing the alternate lane slowing back where the motorcycle accident occurred.


Karen said...

It hurt just to read that. Road surfaces and naked skin are a dangerous combination. I hope he was lucky and didn't get hurt too badly.

Seitherin said...

So do I. Traffic was only moving about 35mph, but that can still do some serious damage when you roll a bike.