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Monday, June 20, 2005

Another miserable weekend

This weekend was pretty much a repeat of last weekend. I had migraines both days so I didn't get much accomplished although I did manage to finish that book I've been reading since the beginning of time. I slogged my way through the rest of it late Sunday afternoon once the headache had eased to a dull roar from blinding white-hot pain.

I'll post update pictures of what little I did get accomplished on my crafty projects later tonight. I've asked the Prodigal Son to help hold up the scarf so you can see how long it really is compared to his six feet of height.

What annoys me the most about having my weekends ruined by migraines is that my work week is rarely ever ruined by them - of late, at any rate. I woke up this morning without a twinge so I had no excuse to stay home and be lazy . . . I mean craftily productive.

So far, today is a good day. I've been busy, but not to the point of distraction. I've finished all the things I've started, and this afternoon - I'm on my lunch break - looks like it will be more of the same.


Tati said...

Poor thing! Is it the heat that triggers your migraines?

Seitherin said...

I have no idea what's triggering them on the weekend. I have the AC set at a constant temperature so the inside of the house is comfortable and I avoid going outside in the summer except to go to and from the car.

I wonder if it isn't the fact I keep odd hours on the weekend and I don't usually drink coffee when I'm at home.

Oh, well. If I can catch one early enough, I can usually medicate it into a dull roar and dull roar I can mostly function with.


Tati said...

I vaguely recall reading something somewhere about a correlation between migraines and caffein - but that's been a while back.
Hope this weekend is better for you!