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Friday, June 25, 2004


Goblin is the second cat to join my household. I got her in October, 1996, for my birthday. She was a present from my best friend (Roseunicorn) who asked me what I wanted. For some reason that I still do not to this day understand, I told her I wanted a cat for Annie. So we went to a local pet shop and picked out a kitten. The papers I got for Goblin at the time listed her birthday as July 18 so she'll be a grand dame of 8 in just a couple of weeks.

Unlike Annie, Goblin didn't come with a name and she wasn't very forthcoming with telling me what hers was. I pulled out my baby name book to see if something would inspire me. After much page turning, I settled on Gabby. However, two days after I brought her home, she was being the cat from hell, tearing through the apartment and racing up and over all the furniture. She took a flying leap at the blinds and I yelled at her, "Goblin, get off!" And that, as they say, is history.

Where Annie is a delicate lady, Goblin is a charging rhino. Where Annie has all the feline grace assigned a cat, Goblin has the grace of a Saint Bernard. Where Annie has porked up to a hefty 7.5 pounds, Goblin has grown to an amazing 13.9 pounds. I think this helps explain why my pet name for her is Gobzilla.

Black cat named Goblin lounging on a cat carrier

1 comment:

Roseunicorn said...

tell Goblin "Happy Birthday" from Roseunicorn. HEHEHE - I may be coming for a visit soon!!