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Sunday, October 09, 2005

This qualifies as one of those "Now I've seen everything" kind of things.

Neuticles are artificial testicles, in three varieties and appropriate sizes, for dogs, cats, horses, and bulls that have been neutered and whose self esteem has been destroyed because of it. Not only can these globs of plastic restore you're pet's self-image, but you can also wear them in a show of support. Keychains and necklaces are available.

I thank the Maker Heru doesn't know about these things. I'm sure if he knew he would demand a set and then he'd be completely intolerable instead of just mostly.



Karen said...

Where do you manage to dig this stuff up?

Roseunicorn said...

Is Heru being a brat again???

Seitherin said...

Heru is always a brat. He is Master of the Universe and we all bow down before him.


As for finding this stuff, it kind of finds me. Between newsgroups and blogs, all kinds of interesting stuff comes my way. I just sit back and collect it.