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Monday, June 19, 2006

Houston is under water

According to the news, it's been raining all night in the Houston area with no relief in sight. There is serious flooding which won't abate as long as the rain keeps falling. It appears some of the hardest hit areas are on the south and southeast side which is, of course, the area I need to get to for work. Since I can't tell whether or not I'll be able to get to work, and since I have no great desire to be stuck on a freeway with no way off and no way home, I've decided to stay home until and unless someone can tell me I can actually make it in to work without flooding out my car and getting stranded.

As for the old homestead, we've had rain off and on but there isn't any flooding here . . . yet. The weatherman predicts the low that is dumping rain on Houston will drift south along the coast which means we'll get dumped on and have our own flooding issues to deal with later.

Yep, the more I think about it the more staying home sounds like the best thing to do.


Tati said...

Hoping everything will be ok and that your feet will stay dry ;-)

Roseunicorn said...

so what did your boss think about you staying home?

Seitherin said...

Nothing. As far as I know, my boss is still out from the car accident. I have no idea whether he knows I was gone Monday or not. My office mate hasn't been in for two days and he doesn't really have a right to complain considering how often he's gone.