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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Will wonders never cease?

I walked into the house tonight and had to step outside to make sure I was at the right one. The Prodigal Son and his friend cleaned - and I mean cleaned - the house. They didn't wash the windows but they scrubbed the floors, the kitchen counters, the bathroom. They even scrubbed the mud room where the cats' litter boxes are. It was like walking into someone else's home . . . until I looked behind the sofa. The Prodigal's dirty laundry is still piled behind the sofa in the living room. But, hey, this is the cleanest this house has been in a really, really long time. I'm an exhausted but happy camper.


Roseunicorn said...

enter the cynic - what does he want?

Seitherin said...

Beat ya to it. I asked him that. "Nothing," was his answer.

Karen said...

Maybe he just wants you to do his laundry for him? ;-)
No, but seriously, even if there is something he wants from you, scrubbing the house is quite a thing!

Seitherin said...

The morning after and it still feels strange to walk into a clean living room and kitchen. I had to go look at the pile of laundry to feel at home.


I do appreciate the Prodigal cleaning.

Roseunicorn said...

I still think he wants something