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Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek . . . again

Yes, folks, I watched it a fourth time today. Just can't get enough of it. Even Kirk is growing on me. Seriously. I actually kind of almost sort of like him . . . kind of . . . maybe.

Got a question about the movie . . . Was that Vadar who was assigned to the USS Hood? (I think it was the Hood, but I'm not sure.)

Actually, I had an ulterior motive for watching the film again today. I have a friend who commented in an email that she didn't know if she could accept Quinto as Spock since he plays the especially creep worthy Sylar on Heroes. I'd never watched Heroes so I had no point of reference for her concern. So I did the only reasonable thing. I watched season 3 of Heroes on I now have a point of reference and her concern is . . . well, it isn't one I would have had. If Quinto has the chops to pull off Sylar, he can certainly play Spock. And he does them both exceptionally well. I think I may have a new favorite actor to add to my ever growing list.


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